Friday, January 23, 2009

Mummy Baby

Joseph thought it would be funny to grab a roll of paper towels out of the pantry and proceed to wrap his sister up like a "mummy"! Eric walked into this...

Snow Day

Eric and I decided that it would be fun to take Jo up to the Snow for his first "Snow Day" ever! We packed a lunch, dropped Scarlet off at Grandma's and headed North.

Most people wouldn't believe that there is snow in Arizona, but oh yes...about an hour and half out of town and there you are!

It had just snowed the night before, so it was beautiful fresh snow! So fresh in fact, that you couldn't drive off the main highway onto any side roads because they hadn't been plowed! So not so good for the sledding, but we made do!

Starting out...lovin the snow!

Snow Fight with Daddy...Still lovin it!

Hated it!!!

The gloves came off and that was the end of that! Then started the Screaming demand..."Put me in the car, take all my clothes off, and turn on the heater!"

Maybe, better luck next time :)

HAPPY 2009!!!

Can you believe it's 2009??? I sure Can't! This is how the Arner's ring in the New Year...

  • At 10pm you decide that it sure would be fun to have a Wii to play with

  • 10:15 you bundle up the kids and head to our most hated store Walmart (because they are the only ones crazy enough to make their employees work on New Years Eve)

  • 10:30-11:30 you wander around aimlessly through Walmart stuffing your cart with things that you don't need, because they are all sold-out of Wii's!

  • 11:30 you get home, unload the car, and get ready to ring in the new year

  • 11:45-12am you watch Carson Daly and thousands of other people freezing their booties off in time square....


JoJo was lovin the horns and whistles!!!!

Don't be jealous! I know that we lead a Very exciting life :)

Christmas Eve

Yes...these are late! But you know what they say...Better Late than Never :) Here are some Pics from Christmas Eve with the Fife Family.

We went over to Jim and Amy's for Dinner and Games. The dinner was delicious as always! Every year we play the dice game, where my Dad usually always clears the gifts out! Him and that dang good luck :)

Here is Eric and Scarlet precious is this pic???

My Beautiful Nieces...Abby(left) and Cosette(right)

Gracie all dressed up in her new Princess outfit!

Eric and I :)

Obviously...I didn't take very many pictures! But here are the few I captured.

Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 Pics!

So...Scarlet is 5 and 1/2 months, and Joseph has not had pictures taken since his first birthday. So needless to say, these pictures are a little over due...but defenitly worth the wait :)