Monday, December 8, 2008

America's Next Top Model

JoJo participated in his first Fashion Show over the weekend, and he love love loved it! I wasn't sure if he would walk the run way or just bail out at the end...but of course He stole the Show! (coming from a proud mother).

He was hillarious...he was a Big Boy and he was doing it on his own as he told me right before he walked. They said his name and he came running down the runway did a hop and a skip at the end and landed with a double thumbs up to the crowd! He stood there for a moment opening his jacket so everyone could see his shirt underneath and then ran back and jumped off the stage...Hillarious!

This is Jo, Scarlet, and Jo's friend Bella anxiously waiting for the show to begin

It's hard work being a Super Model, and you must stick to a strict diet :)

I'm proud of my little show stealer!

Hollywood here we come :)

This is Jo tonight, re-living the moment. He just can't seem to get it out of his system...


Darci said...

So funny. He really did put on a show. I can't believe how much he looks like your bros.

smartquacker said...

So cute. I bet you were really proud of him.

Rusty and Jacquie said...

Ok Lari you need to update your blog!! haha...well Merry Christmas!