Thursday, October 30, 2008

MAC Fantasticals Day 1 !!!

At MAC (my J-O-B) we LOVE Halloween!!! So we drag the holiday out for usually a whole week, but this year we got 3 wonderful days of Masks...Masks....and more Masks!!!

(I was off for the actual day 1) this is my day 1
Super Hero vs. Villan Theme Day

Poison Ivy (Ashley), Spider Man (Me), Pink Powder Puff Girl (Ashleigh)

Lindsay, Lari, Ashleigh, and Kira (the joker)

Monette (Cat Woman) and Lari

Pumpkin Carving

With the Crazy week that we've had...we almost forgot about Carving Pumpkins. So we made the trek to Albertson's to pick out our Pumpkin. We fell in love with this tall and skinny one! So we brought him home and carved away!!!

The trick was to teach Jo Jo how to carve, but he was a little disturbed by the smell! The treat was the roasted Pumpkin seeds that Eric made from the pumpkin (his fav.)

I will say...he did turn out lookin a little like Pac Man Pumpkin!!! But hey, he's got personality like us!

*Note the LARGE Candle from my Kitchen :)...Ghetto Fab!

Bust A Rhyme!

Some of you may know my 3 year old as JoJo or maybe even Joseph. But he is also known by his stage name.....'DJ Yo Yo'.

He loves to make up little raps or recite the lyrics to other rap songs that he hears on the radio...usually at the most appropriate times!

Last week we were going to visit Eric's Mom right after she came home from the hospital and she was very ill. He informed me in the car that he was going to sing her the "Apple Song".

Me: "Is that a Song that you learned at pre-school?"

YoYo: "No know what I'm talkin about... (in his exact words) Apple Bottom Jeans Jeans, Boots with the Fur...Everyone lookin at her...Shorty on the floor says NO NO NO NO!"

Luckily he just sang her "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

Yesterday when I picked DJ Yo Yo up from school my Mom and I decided to surprise him with an ice cream from McDonalds.

He took his first bite, then made up a little rap...

(Snoopy Doggy Dog Style) "There's a Party in my Tummy....SO Yummy, SO Yummy!"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A little White Trash!

Who doesn't have a little WT in them??? I'm not ashamed to admit it! I seriously don't know what it is about these 2 boys...they just LOVE to hang out in their undies. The second JoJo hits the door, no matter who's house he's at the clothes start flyin! But's hillarious! They call it their 'Nacho Libre' Outfit. I snapped these pics of them playin in the back yard today...this is JoJo and his cousin William.

Park Day!

How do you know when fall has arrived in Arizona??? You can actually go to the park in the middle of the day :) This week is fall break, and today I had the day off so my Sister n Law Meggen and I decided to take the kids to the park for a picnic and some swingin!

JoJo absolutely adores his cousins, especially William who is about 18 months older. They are the best of friends and would spend every day together if they could.

It was so Beautiful today...about in the 80's to low 90's which is pretty much Amazing in AZ! We even brought Scarlet along for a little Sun :)

I am so lucky to have my Family near, especially for my Kids. I love that they can see their cousins almost every day.

And that we can have such beautiful weather to enjoy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bath Time!

As with most Moms...I love Bath time! I love the smell of a freshly bathed baby or Toddler. Especially those boys! I don't know what it is...they just get that boy funk from early on! I love throwing them in a sweetly scented bubble bath to wash away that day of play! Here are some pictures that I snapped of Joseph and Scarlet during this sweet time! *Maybe a little ammunition for when they are teenagers :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I am just remembering my sweet Angel, who would be 6 years old today!!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Olivia!!! I miss you sooooooo much!