Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trick or Treat!

I just uploaded pics from Trick or Treating so I had to update the blog. Im a little confused with the Holidays, posting Thanksgiving before Halloween but whatev!

The Superheroes
Jo passing out Candy...he liked that better than Trick or Treating, he could socialize with all the Kids.

Scarlet...My Halloween Baby or Halloween Aunt Jemima

Meggen (the Cat), Me (the Clown), Jacquie (Sarah Palin)

MAC Fantasticals Day 2

So this post took me a little longer to get out! Day 1 is just a few posts down the page.

This was an open theme day...just BE creative! And with everyone wanting to be sexy this and sexy that. I decided to go a little crazy and cutesy.

It was a crazy day, but the crazier the better! I am so lucky to work with some of the most amazing artists and to be Inspired EVERY day that I work!

Lari and Shayla (The beautiful Butterfly, all the girls want to look like Shayla)

Lindsey (the Troll Doll) and I ....look at her hair...Bananas!!!

Jourdan (Death becomes her) and I...Crazy Contouring!

Ashleigh (the Mermaid/Creature of the Sea) and I...Seriously, look at her blending skills...Amazing!

I <3>

Friday, November 28, 2008

ZOO Lights

This year for Thanksgiving Night we met Greg, Meggen, and kids, and Rusty and Jacquie at the Phoenix Zoo for Zoo Lights. You gotta walk off that Turkey one way or another.

It was had rained a bit before, so the place had cleared out. It was like having a Zoo all to ourselves :)

Not alot of real animals, but plenty of "lit up" animals...even a talking a Giraffe that JoJo got a big kick out of!

It was a bit cold, so we filled up on Hot Chocolate and wrapped up in blankets.

Here are some more photos to capture the evening....

Jo and his best bud and cousin William with the light saber!

Jo SOOO excited over the Kettle Corn...and the baby Burrito, it was Freezing!


jO, Scarlet, and William with Santa

Rusty and Jacquie

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To All the Working Moms.....

It Sucks.

I don't care what they say you CANNOT have it all....

unless that includes a Maid, Nanny, and Chef!

A working Mom's Day (atleast mine)

6am: Wake-up, shower eat breakfast

630-730am: Hair and Makeup ( I do work in Cosmetics)

730-815: Feed the kids, brush their teeth and dress kids

820: Pile them in the car and head to the babysitter (aka Grandma)

9-1: work and babysit all of your "other kids"...employees I mean!

1pm: LUNCH - Hallelujah there is ME time!

2-6pm: work some more

630pm: Pick up kids!

7-8pm: Fix and eat dinner

8-9pm: Wrestle the kids...brush teeth, get PJ's, Say Prayers, read books, Nighty Nite!!! (I do Cherish this time with my kiddos :) )

9-10pm: Do dinner dishes, clean kitchen, get my PJ's on, Wash Face!, Brush teeth!

10pm-Midnight: Catch up on the Tivo :) is the small things in life after all :)

Repeat X5 days per week!

Day Off:


Grocery Shop

Pay Bills

Spend Quality time with my Kids...playin and Laughin :)