Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas Eve

Yes...these are late! But you know what they say...Better Late than Never :) Here are some Pics from Christmas Eve with the Fife Family.

We went over to Jim and Amy's for Dinner and Games. The dinner was delicious as always! Every year we play the dice game, where my Dad usually always clears the gifts out! Him and that dang good luck :)

Here is Eric and Scarlet precious is this pic???

My Beautiful Nieces...Abby(left) and Cosette(right)

Gracie all dressed up in her new Princess outfit!

Eric and I :)

Obviously...I didn't take very many pictures! But here are the few I captured.


Sherian and Co. said...

You and your hubby are smokin'! You look so beautiful and so happy. I'm glad your New Years was as eventful as ours...sad. (kids are awesome, but not so great for the social life)
I was sneaking around...because I'm stalking you...and I can't believe that Rusty is that old. I remember what a hilarious kid he was. He would not stop bothering us when we were at your house. He cracked me up!
Your family is so beautiful! I love the name it! (how fitting that it's a color, just love it!)
And I about died to read I could live in AZ and still enjoy the snow?!? Why am I still here? It SUCKS!
I am on a mission to convince Mike we need to move to AZ.

Darci said...

Such a great pic of you and Eric. You look hot!!! (I was going to say smokin' but then saw that your friend already said that and I didn't want to steal her thunder.haha.)

The Arners said...

So Funny! Eric hates this pic..his says his forehead it too! He is pretty smokin, even better in real life :)